Although Real Madrid might be able to continue to win, but their victory has been less persuasive. At least in the eyes of the fans has always been critical of the Bernabeu, Real Madrid midfielder is now difficult to satisfactory performance.

Real Madrid's current situation deplorable. Now they not only slow but also a lack of game to watch. Too dependent on the team's offensive BBC personal capacity, in addition to Vazquez, etc. can only rely on sporadic flashes of individual players to get instant scoring opportunity. In the last season they arise, Scatter the "Galacticos" engine - midfield this season rarely play. Dominance and control vanished past.

Real Madrid midfielder Cross, J Lo, Hesse, Isco and Modric do not know for what reason, they failed to play a level last season. Under Ancelotti governance, Real Madrid played the beautiful attacking football, with their smooth, let the audience captivated. Today, however, can only gradually lost midfielder Benitez's system.

Have to admit, the level of Real Madrid at this stage is less than 14 years that fully support "Galacticos." Real Madrid want to reshape the brilliant but heavily into the barrier, which Benitez's tactical system is an important barrier. 2016 is a new year, midfielder must turn the page, to rediscover 14 years of high light state.

2016/1/4 16:15:39