According to "Daily Sports Daily" reported that after six months contract with Barcelona, ​​FIFA ban finally ended, Turan and Vidal finally ushered in the dawn.

They both will never forget January 4, 2016 this day, this is their last day can be used as the Barcelona players, this is their official opening day of their careers Barcelona.

They now have a team, the team as a whole can get a corresponding increase. Although they first need to get the first opportunity to prove himself in the team, but their arrival in the rotation makes the team more flexibility, but also to make the same time before the players get tired so rest of the team to remain competitive, for Enrique is the team they will become a very important role. From one perspective, Turan and Vidal lifted the whole team for Barcelona, ​​it can be said to have a decisive role.

Earlier in the pre-match press conference coach Enrique against the Spaniards when mentioned two players, he said: "They are very suitable for team players, the team they have become stronger. 

2016/1/4 16:18:10