Winter transfer window is already open, Barca coach Enrique wants to strengthen the squad at this time. Many names are linked together and Barcelona, ​​but last possible signings fell on them - Celta Vigo and Villarreal Nuoli Tuo Denis - Suarez. Both players have been given the green light of the coaching staff.

But more difficult to sign Nuoli Tuo, which means that Barcelona will focus shifted to Denis - Suarez body. Earlier this conversation carried out, but Villarreal still need to determine their bench. Interestingly, Real Madrid this careless largely prevented this transfer - Real Madrid refused to let Qielishefu leave, but it is Villarreal's top Qielishefu pursuit of players .

Barcelona and Villarreal are now actively consult, trying to reach an agreement, the most likely result is that Barcelona paid a sum of money in advance, will be determined this summer signings. Good relations Villarreal and Barcelona and Barcelona against Villarreal honest is a good basis for the deal.

Now is the critical period of the transfer window, Villarreal wanted to get some more time. They want to leave before Dennis signings to ensure their place. Although Villarreal is Qielishefu preferred signings, but the Real Madrid reject any proposal for the transfer of Qielishefu. This makes Villarreal could sign other players, if all goes well, they'll put Dennis to go to Barcelona.

2016/1/4 16:38:38