The first 20 Premier League Chelsea 3-0 victory over Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace after the game coach Alan - Pardew interviewed praised the Blues player's performance, while talking about the departure of Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea are a very good performance today, their big players to restore the state, so it is very difficult for us today and we said was worth at 30 million, 40 million pounds of the players, their price is so high there is a reason They are very, very top players, today they play out of the level of their mental state appeared to change, you can see it. "

Mourinho is the coach of a habit of victory, he was eager team can win, which is caused by invisible pressure, the players are for some reason unable to respond to him. Now look at Chelsea, I'm on the court today and one or two Chelsea players say, they feel good, played well, Fabregas today's performance was very good. I do not think there is any major reason, but the situation has changed, the way the past can not work . "

Today Mourinho could appear here, Chelsea players who could offer him such a performance, maybe he just needs more time. I do not know, I can not answer your question, I can say Chelsea has a top player, and today these top players did very well.

2016/1/4 16:42:24