"Overall, we played a good game in the 35 minutes before the first half we controlled the game, the second half is more difficult. When we have less of a person when the players put in a lot of effort, unfortunately final opponents scored the second goal. We have more than ten minutes in the game did not play well, at that time we lost the ball, I do not know the opponent play better or we are unable to focus. But the team or should be commended. "Benitez said in the game after the game reviews.

Benitez admitted replaced Benzema is because of injuries: "Benzema very hard today, unfortunately he has been injured, at least one person in the team today, I decided to strengthen the team replaced him Midfielder make more compact formation. "

For the outside world speculation on his future, Benitez replied: "You have the right to ask these questions, but if you look at results of the competition will have a lot of misunderstanding I think the team's performance should be commended rather than the other comments. The game team in the 10 individual case has to fight to the end. I guess the outside world can not stop, but I can guarantee to do to keep the team in every game to play like today, they played well and lost 3 Very sorry. "

Benitez once again responded to the reporter on the individual players did not turn the question: "All incoming team squad players can play 90 minutes game, when the players physical problems when we will make adjustments, for example, today Benzema. "

It is worth noting that the first time this season in the postgame news conference a reporter's question about the referee no problem.

2016/1/4 16:53:36