The first half, 5 minutes, Heikki Zupančič low ball into the box on the right, Benzema ball back to do to Danilo, Danilo's shot hit high. After 16 minutes, BBC in the restricted area before played with subtlety, Benzema ball to Bell Road, Bell heel a knock to the C Luo, C Luo Shun ball to Benzema, Benzema quickly step slightly kicker low shot broke, 0-1! The first 38 minutes, sent Zhise restricted area before DePaul, Andrea - Gomez small-angle shot higher. First half injury time, Andrea - Gomez in the penalty area fell to the ground after the physical contact occur with Pepe, the referee ordered a penalty kick, Parejo surgeon kick to tie the score, 1-1! The first half ended, the two sides each scored.

Easy side battles. The first 48 minutes, Real Madrid before the games positioning the ball, Bell hit it higher. The first 50 minutes, Benzema broke into the restricted area after triangle return, Marcelo hit the door was denied closure. The first 68 minutes, C Luo and Abdennour scraping fell in the penalty area, the referee did not express. Subsequently, Valencia fought back, Heikki Zupančič midfielder uprooting Kansai Luo was the referee direct red card penalty. The first 82 minutes, Cross free kick into the box, Bell shakes Leipzig, the ball hanging in the far corner, 1-2! 1 minute, DePaul left 45 degrees from the ball, Rodrigo header ferry, Alcacer ball into the top 2-2! Injury time, Real Madrid takes the corner, along with Bell and C Luo grabbed, missed opportunities, then Valencia fought back, single-handedly Negredo Navas hit the door was saved. The final whistle, this fierce competition eventually ended 2-2.

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