Due to the poor start to the league record, the Blues coach Jose Mourinho was fired feats, in his capacity as fire coach Guus Hiddink to return to Chelsea, but led the Blues played two league games are a draw after taking office, round face Crystal Palace, the team from top to bottom and strive to get first win of coach after he took office. Opening the first six minutes, Chelsea defender siege not far, Jah keep homeopathic foot hit the door hit the bottom line after the opponent's body. The first nine minutes, Azar middle of a long shots was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 17 minutes, Dunn received his teammates out of the corner header, Courtois ball confiscated. The deadlock was broken in the 29th minute, Costa received his teammates after the ball straight into the restricted area, attract defense after fake shot really pass the ball to the keeper, Oscar follow easily Tuishe score became 0 -1. The first 36 minutes, Azpilicueta left foot low shot was blocked by goalkeeper Jedi ng headed the rescue bottom line. The first 45 minutes, positioning the ball out of the Crystal Palace, Zuma ball siege, the first game in the rain ended, the two sides back to the lounge.

Easy side battles, the first 53 minutes, William out before the games positioning the ball, beat rival defender Zuma header from the center, the ball above the crossbar. The first 61 minutes, Chelsea's lead to expand, Oscar William ball to the right, which directly burst right foot shot, the ball in after a strong rotation dead straight into the goal! This wave of grain in the world will rewrite the score to 0-2. The first 67 minutes, after extraordinary William on the right into the restricted area after the point spread, Costa push Kongmen outflanking succeed, The score became 0-3. The first 79 minutes, the Crystal Palace last substitutions exhausted, LI Qing was replaced Williams. The first 85 minutes, a record Oscar left the restricted area hit the door was denied sideline defender. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Chelsea 3-0 victory over rivals.

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2016/1/4 17:15:44