A high degree of alertness, zero tolerance, everything is in control. This is guaranteed to work in the Spanish national parties after meeting the conclusions. 550 police officers, 1100 security will guard the Bernabeu stadium, the red line has been delineated, but all aspects of the responsibility to maintain the strongest, in order to let the game after the end we only talk about football.

Spanish National Derby has always been the focus of world attention sports, but after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, Real Madrid and Barcelona game not only concern the content of the field, all kinds of trends are also noticeable outside the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. "On one hand, Real Madrid and Barcelona game between Giants showdown, fans around the world are concerned about the game, on the other hand the Bernabeu stadium can accommodate more than 80,000 fans, can easily become the object of terrorist attacks."

Spanish National Derby always be declared Spanish police as highly dangerous game, but this time, several times also means strengthening security. On Tuesday, Spain, the relevant departments responsible for national Paul held a meeting. And compared to previous national derby, this will be the most stringent security measures, and strive to any hazardous event does not occur inside and outside at the Bernabeu.

In fact, a few days before the Spanish police inside and outside the stadium in the regulatory area, control of a vehicle parked in the vicinity of the stadium. Trained police dogs to search for any explosives around the Bernabeu sewer may have checked over and over. And before the game and after the game, the stadium entrance to defend the case also conducted a special preview.

This is a major innovation is the establishment of three security buffer zone around the Bernabeu stadium, the purpose is to allow those without tickets to stay away from the stadium fans, or at least in the court of activities around the identity of an understanding. In addition, before the Bernabeu stadium open to other fans, Barcelona fans will advance admission. Real Madrid also called on fans came to the stadium early, so as not to appear before the people crowding the entrance.

Real Madrid has also long been the work of the Bernabeu stadium security facilities were strengthened. A plurality of inlet Bernabeu stadium will set up a metal detector, as security measures and airport security measures. Saturday, Real Madrid will be early in the morning on high alert, each entry will be severely control, a variety of bags and backpacks will be asked to undergo strict inspection.

Danka usa from Madrid City Council, said: "Even if it is in the hands of the fans should be inspected sandwich." This year in September, a Benfica fans had possession of the fireworks into the Vicente Calderon Stadium in sandwiches. Danka usa said: "These are usually done security measures, but this will be more stringent controls on entering and leaving the stadium fans of monitoring, will be more comprehensive French fans calmly leave the Stade de France, and sing. of their national anthem, which is an example. They were not intimidated, but in the same boat. "

The Government of Spain has been raised to four national security warning, and to increase security measures to prevent terrorist attacks in Spain. In addition, the Western media also said that "after the terrorist attacks in Paris outside the Stade de France, and many people believe that Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Nov. 22 match will be the 'jihad' target." To this end, the police will upgrade the Bernabeu, Spanish media said, "then, the Bernabeu stadium security police will be increased to thousands of people, in addition, the site will be all over plainclothes, head to the stadium it is to enhance security control to ensure the safety of fans and players.

2015/11/18 3:20:10