Although Liverpool beat Stoke City in the League Cup, but the Reds boss Klopp admitted that the team brought the shadow of injuries to their victory.

Liverpool sacrificed Kudiniao and Lovren League Cup semi-final first leg in, while Kolo - Toure after the game the same feeling unwell. Thus, although 1-0 win, but Klopp was not happy.

He said: "If Liverpool can score a goal or two more balls, so that maybe (just perfect) at the end of the game, to find out some of the problems some criticism is very easy to do - you can say. We must do better in this respect more, or do better in that regard. "

But as a football match, so we start with, how do we sustain their performance, we insist on in the game, based on how we defend in the face of Stoke, address their long pass Jigong, and How we played smart in the defense, pressure, attack and the transfer - we are doing very well. "

But there is one place in the game is very, very huge shadow makes us hard to ignore - we hurt two players (Coutinho and Lovren), to be honest, I really do not know that they have to have a specific injury Multiple Their situation does not look good, so we have to wait. In the first round, 1-0, or even 2-0 can not decide the outcome of the final two rounds of the contest. "

"That's the way we will have at the end of the game to see what he could do such a strange feeling - on the one hand I feel very, very good, because we won the game, the team performed well, players play to win. Last match really annoying, but I'm very proud tonight, because the player's reaction is great, regardless of the game is very difficult in any way. But on the other hand, sacrificed two players This can be bad. 

Currently Klopp did not know how long Kudiniao and Lovren need truce, but he confirmed after the game feeling unwell Kolo - Toure is leg cramps. Germany said: "(Kolo - Toure's performance) is perfect, his best performance was a former cramps destroy each other's non-offensive he played well tonight, a great performance for the team, but we are. We will see if he can play the next game.

2016/1/6 15:26:43