The first half the game has just begun, Liverpool took the lead away from home, after Phil Mino Qianchangduanqiu box before being brought to the sudden Shi Leng Jian Bart Rand resolved. The first eight minutes, Phil Mino cross found Lallana, Bart Rand Lallana long-range kick was blocked. The first 18 minutes, Coutinho was substituted because of injury can not adhere to Eby. The first 24 minutes, the Iraqi higher than the door after cutting inside the left hit the door. The first 28 minutes, Liverpool the right crosses to the penalty area, Eby's volley hit the door was Bart Rand confiscated. The first 34 minutes, Liverpool suffered another injury blow, Milner, who replaced the injured Lovren unable battles. The first 37 minutes, Lallana inverted triangle pass, Joe - Allen Road cross knock, Eby shot the ball broke, 0-1! First half injury time, Stoke City a corner, Glen - Johnson's shot was Mignolet resolved.

Easy side battles. The first 53 minutes, Arnautovic free kick to the penalty area, the ball bounced to the melee after a while outside the restricted area, Glen - Johnson shot and put anti-aircraft guns. The first 59 minutes, Eby flat ball, the ball along to Phil Lallana minoxidil, the latter's shot above the door frame. The first 63 minutes, Emre - Zhan ball to Phil minocycline, minocycline Phil Qiaoshanzhenhu wide of the post from outside the area. The first 68 minutes, Eby and Phil kicked the wall with minoxidil, Eby reached the restricted area after the center of the box, the angle is too small to hit the side-netting. The first 76 minutes, Ho Cellou shot refracted into a foot hanger, Mignolet ball asked the beam. Since then both sides have failed to rewrite the score before the whistle ended Liverpool's only one defender Kolo - Toure suspected strain. The final whistle, Liverpool 1-0 victory over Stoke City.

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