Liverpool boss Klopp admitted that in view of the current serious injury crisis team, he is likely to be forced to buy in the winter window.

League Cup semi-final first leg, Liverpool 1-0 victory over Stoke City, but Kudiniao and Lovren both suffered muscle damage, the next game they will be sidelined. In particular, the problem of Lovren, a greater impact for the team.

Currently, Skrtel has been injured, Kolo - Toure also injured in the game, Joe - Gemai also in injury recovery, Nicolas also need to always pay attention to his knee injury, is currently on hand Klopp defender is no longer available.

In this regard, Klopp said, "At present we do not have a healthy defender available, so in view of the current situation, we must consider the transfer market. Two weeks ago, we have three in the back, in good condition, Early in the season we have five guards, one is gone now. "

Why so many teams qualify for muscle strain, Klopp said, "We do not train, but let the players recover, which is now the case. When training? We did not know how to train."

But for me, no problem held responsible if people want me to take responsibility, no problem. I know we have five players one way or another, this is my responsibility, but this is the case, we must to see what can be done. "

Lost to West Ham United in the league, Klopp team can respond quickly in the League Cup was very excited, but he also said that unfortunately the team did not score more goals scored.

The team's performance is not perfect, if we again into one or two goals, maybe perfect. Now for us, the most unfavorable is the injury problems we have to wait longer to see, I do not know how serious the situation, but this is certainly not good news. In fact, before the game, if someone tell us to tie the promise, we will accept it, they are able to beat his opponent 1-0, we are very happy.

2016/1/6 15:56:20