Carragher believes that although it will be difficult to achieve the goal, but England can be in the next 50 years, won the World Cup.

Campaign manager Roy Hodgson will determine 16 candidates for the national team in the European Cup, but from the last 66 years, England won the World Cup, just 50 years later. Although England did not again after harvest champion, but Carragher denied 66-year championship honors players it is a burden for future generations. He hoped that the year England won the Jules Rimet Trophy in honor to continue to be staged.

When asked whether the 66-year follow-up honors constitutes a burden on the young players, Carragher said: "I do not think that way, I do not hope so I was not at that time, we look back, are full. proud to get the World Cup is very difficult and we should proud of. England was always talented, players are in constant struggle for this goal, hoping to win again. And the next 50 years, we are very likely to win again. "

Jamie Carragher is also praised the West Ham legend, the famous captain of England - Bobby - Moore performance in the World Cup in 66 years. "In the field, he is everywhere, which shows his level and influence. To see how people evaluate him, this is his worthy cause. His achievement is unprecedented, this is not me prejudices, he is the captain of this country. "

2016/1/6 15:58:17