After Zidane became the coach of Real Madrid, on the French star's ability to perform the job has become a hot topic recently. As along with Zidane won the 1998 World Cup and 2000 European Cup former teammate, the French star Bixente Lizarazu expressed their views on this. Lizarazu said he believes Zidane can be like Guardiola as coach to prove himself in the position of the wealthy.

Lizarazu said:!. "Driving an F1 car take from ignorant analogy it may be easier for beginners to practice together some of the age of the players Zinedine Zidane and C Lo are the same as aliens, if you have such a player, you just need to adjust their state of mind around the way they play on the line. After becoming coach, psychological aspects of the work is the most important, and Zidane's aura will help to him. "

Despite speculation that Real Madrid coach Zidane took a bit premature, but Lizarazu believe that Zidane will prove that this appointment was a success, just like the road traveled as Guardiola.

Lizarazu continued: "become coach no shortcuts or secret, now is go along Zidane's footsteps before Guardiola Barcelona coach Guardiola also served as reserve team coach someone said Qi. Danet too quickly to take over Real Madrid, but Zidane show a surprising humility. In a career change when he became a coach, he thought his decision, and finally picked up the reserve pointer, but now he finally get the opportunity to coach Real Madrid first team. "

Beckenbauer and Cruyff had after hanging up his boots directly over a great team, they have been successful, but Zidane is also possible to do."

Former France goalkeeper Fabien Barthez to Zinedine Zidane's office published the same views, he said:. "No need to say too many words to prove himself, Zidane never need to do so he was a natural leader, if you are not a leader, You would not be the world's best player, that is impossible. "

Zidane is a player on the court undoubtedly the most dazzling star, but his emotional control seems to be a problem. France coach Raymond Domenech before talked about this, he said that after Zidane became Real Madrid coach, you need to control their emotions.

Domenech said: "The only question is whether his good mood management 2006 World Cup final, Materazzi him lose his head, thus ending his career when he became a coach, it is particularly. important because you have to control their emotions, rather than what you want to do. So, when he was in a bad mood or anxiety and despair, we must deal with such a good time, this is his only problem. 

2016/1/6 16:03:12