14/15 FA Cup championship team last season as defensive midfielder Kekui Lin is an indispensable part of the team. Recently he admitted, still want to get the FA Cup.

This is my team's first major championship, so I do not want to stop there. I'm still very eager to win, and even worse than in the past, just like the other players inside the club, and I want more titles . the players are moving one step closer to the goal of the championship is full of hope. won when it is a wonderful moment, and sometimes need some luck factor. When starting the game, people will think of their own way to win the trophy and will think we need to win again. "

Good thing is, the game will first carry out at home, which is very good for the fans. Against Sunderland will not be easy, the last few weeks when they encounter played game is not easy. They also want to can beat Premier League team, so they will be motivated. They beat us but also to promote confidence in the Premier League, the two parties will make adequate preparations. "

I do not know if there is the third consecutive year the team won the FA Cup, but to do so for a club must be very important, and we all hope to win the championship, so we will try hard.

2016/1/6 16:07:13