Turan's agent told COPE radio interview, he said Turan is looking forward to the first show in Barcelona.

Turan possible match against Espanyol and Alex - Vidal completed the first show together in Barcelona, ​​his agent said: "Turan very excited, very happy that he may soon complete his first show. also need to be patient for some time, but he can wait a year for Barcelona. Of course, the players are wanted to play football, and Turan eager to participate in the competition, he was pleased to be able to complete the first show up immediately. "

Moreover, Turan broker also said: "In the past six months is very, very tough, especially in Japan, the World Club Cup final, for him, can not play really hard, but now everything is over, he can do his. dream final part of his time will come, and his teammates and friends are out, we try to let him feel that he is alone in. "

Finally, the broker stressed that Turan ready, "Of course he is ready starter. He needs to reach the level of competition a hundred percent, but if he can continuously participate in the competition, it will be able to immediately return to top level coach was like signing him, and gave him the confidence. "

2016/1/6 16:10:26