Derek - Rose's ex-girlfriend Mieka Reese updated their Instagram, and on top of support Ross. Reese is the son PJ Ross's mother, she forwarded a User photos on Instagram, the content of the picture is to support Ross's remarks, as follows:

How can a person because of other people's expectations for their absurd has been criticized for it? Ross never get his rookie season the Bulls from a losing team becomes a winning more more teams brought due respect. For a long time, Ross needs a Jimmy - Butler, every game, a game then a game, he paid all his, and this can never be enough. They say he was not a good pitcher full, he shot a few more is not enough, so he expanded his range, the results of people say he is a sticky ball person, and shot too much. For a long time, he was in the Bulls not only to become a point guard, which ultimately severely affected his body, they just said that he would never return to the peak, and in the back of the time, Ross too would like to prove that they are wrong, and that he was doing that fearless competitor injured again, so now help has come, the time display in the Rose missed out standards, we should trade away Ross, then the team to Butler ? I do not think so, guys! Maybe I do not understand some of the things, or I was blinded by his loyalty, but I'm not ready to give up Ross ...... because maybe, just maybe, I have been all right.

With pictures beside, Reese himself wrote:! "Everyone has their own opinion on Ross, but who wants to hurt, who offered to injured people so quickly forget what he did before, but with or without basketball, He will be the PJ (Roth's son) hero. "

So far this season, Rose averaged 32.7 minutes played, 14.4 points and 5.1 assists, can contribute.

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2016/1/6 17:19:32