According to the "San Francisco Chronicle" reporters Rusty Simmons reports, allowing the Warriors striker Bradley Richmond - Green excitedly speechless things much, but this season, the second round of the All-Star voting results released by the NBA today is the one member.

I am a very confident person, I have always been so. I believe myself, but I can not sit here and say, 'I saw the results,'" Green said, "I'm not a liar, I can not lie, I never ...... it is dreamed of when I was a kid thing, but really, even the wildest dreams, I did not imagine it. "

In the 2016 NBA All-Star today published the results of the second round of voting, Green won 332,233 votes, more than the department pregnant - Leonard and Blake - Griffin, behind - Kobe Bryant and Kevin - Duran special, ranked No. 3 in the West frontcourt players, and the top three players will get starting places.

For me, he was an All-Star is no need to use the brain matter," Warriors interim coach Luke - Walton when talking about Green said, "He has to play at both ends of the court, he was skillful at playing very passionate, he can shoot, can dribble, can pass. This is something the Union should reward ...... 100% of his worth this season All-Star, he did all the right things, all the things you want from players who see things. 

Green on the court like a hybrid, on the offensive end he was doing point guard type decision on the defensive end that he can create a big impact."I know how good he is, he gave the team much help, but when it comes to All-Star level, for him it was a huge improvement," Walton said. "He deserves praise, worthy of recognition. For you This shows that efforts can play what role. Even if you're a smaller stature on the 4th position, if you've been trying, believe that they will eventually be rewarded. "

So far this season, Green played 35.0 minutes, averaging 14.8 points 9.5 rebounds, 7.4 assists and 1.4 blocked shots. Green said the recent recognition of the outside world made him want to work harder.

"It makes me want to work harder and pay more, continue to try to challenge the game, as some people would say," Green said, "...... who knows (All-Star vote) The final result will be, but For now this moment, this is quite a surprise. I did not have this as is as it should be, for me it's pretty special.

I'm not greedy, if (is selected as All-Star starters) can happen, I would be very grateful for this, if I do not know why (as a substitute) to go there, I will be very grateful.

2016/1/8 15:26:09