Manchester United midfielder Mata said the Real Madrid star Ronaldo is difficult to return to Old Trafford in the summer of next year.

The media revealed that the relationship between Ronaldo and Real Madrid have broken down, the Portuguese will leave the Bernabeu in the next year, while Manchester United is one capable of withstanding the Portuguese club wages. But Ronaldo Mata think the situation is very complicated.

He said: "Honestly, I think Ronaldo back to Manchester United in the Manchester case hardly occurs very respectful of people and worship for Ronaldo, it is incredible that you can be seen everywhere in the training field and the stadium, and there are also full. he won the trophy photos, his behavior is very good. "

"But he is such a club Real Madrid, and at that very happy, I think the situation is very complicated. He is a player can change the game in any league, but for now, his situation is very complicated, I prefer to the current focus on the players who performed well and we hope to achieve their goals.

2015/11/19 0:48:54