After the Lakers beat the Suns, Lakers coach Byron - Scott criticized the Lakers forward Julius - Randall's defense, bluntly angry Randall was replaced in the fourth quarter of behavior is not lost. Randall also questioned why Scott points out his name alone.

Wednesday, Scott and Randall were exchanged to talk about their own recent criticism of the latter. Local time this morning after shooting training, Randall Scott again, and had a friendly exchange.

If you want to believe those reports, that our relationship is very poor," Scott said, "but if you want to know the truth, it is that our relationship is very good."

Scott said he and Randall last dialogue and basketball irrelevant, is a "friendly chat." Since Monday after Randall he had not received an interview, and the people around him have said, very respectable Scott Randall.

While the outside world says I'm not good at communicating and young players," Scott said, "but he and I have a very good relationship."

Since the entire season, Scott Randall often required to improve his jump shot and defense.

Neither he nor his basketball life, I'm very concerned about him, I would do him very strict," Scott said. "I knew he would be disappointed with certain things, but I also hope he can learn, I hope he can become a good player in this league. "

Scott also said he had told Randall, "you probably have not experienced adversity in the basketball life, because you are very good in many respects." Scott said today that the next step is to properly handle Randall his new role.

You'll have to deal with it, and you deal with it will determine how you can be in terms of how good life," Scott said, "for a specific situation, to know when the coach will send you to play, this is not my personal problems. we are to win, in order to allow young players to grow up in the best position. It is all about understanding a process, you have to be mature enough to understand it. He must go through ups and downs, as long as you When frustrated maintain a positive, there will be a good state. "

2016/1/8 15:30:33