Reports from reporters Marc Spears of Yahoo, said the team has to deal Mozgov and knights discussions.

This season, with injuries and other problems of various factors, knights center Yulia fee - Mozgov state appeared sharply. Last season he averaged 25 minutes of playing time in Cleveland, to win 10.6 points and 6.9 rebounds. Reducing playing time this season to 17.8 minutes, 6.3 points and data becomes 4.1 rebounds. Before the game against the Suns, Tristan - Thompson replaced his starting position. Blatter said the coach, let Mozgov off the bench is completely out of basketball reasons.

This year 29-year-old Mozgov contract expires in the summer, Knight had planned to renew him, but he slipped state let it all filled with questions. Knight has early Bird rights Mozgov, it is possible to open out a five-year contract extension. But the Cavaliers next season guaranteed contracts has exceeded $ 103 million, if Mozgov given a $ 10 million annual salary contract, then the Knights need to pay up to $ 26 million in luxury tax.

Several teams have now began to contact Knight, explore the possibility of trading for the center of this name. This season's trade deadline is Feb. 18, US time, before mozgov may also change club.

2016/1/8 15:51:07