Valbuena in an interview with TF1 expressed their willingness and Benzema together European Cup campaign: "We'll see how things are going, but it will not pose a problem for me, everything is possible, this is not murder. "

31-year-old Valbuena is currently playing in the old club Lyon Benzema, Real Madrid striker according fined not meet him.

Valbuena recent play is not ideal, this may affect his participation in the European Cup, which he said: "Over the past two years, the European Cup has always been our goal, we have been preparing, I never thought I not to participate in the European Cup. My position is not guaranteed, and I talked to the coach, but I will not publish the transcript, we talk about a lot of things, so I feel at ease a lot. "

Valbuena on a back on behalf of the French national team dates back to October last year, a 2-1 victory over Denmark's friendly against France, and after the November friendly against Germany and England, he was not selected for reasons given coach Didier Deschamps yes, he wanted to protect Language blackmail scandal of players.

"It's hard to accept, I was very angry, because I was a victim, it makes me feel I have been hurt twice, looking back, I can understand the coach's decision, 2015 has passed, it is time to look ahead a. 

2016/1/11 14:09:28