After successfully led the team to 2-0 win over Scunthorpe advance to the next round of the FA Cup, Chelsea manager Hiddink interviewed.

We do not expect an easy game, the game really is not easy.We played well the first 20, 25 minutes, scored a beautiful goal. But then some of us lazy. We have two or three times the opportunity to rewrite the score 2-0 games, which makes the opponent gets lost power.1-0 does not kill the opponent. They Corner kick a big threat, they really let us tremble a bit. Our second half somewhat fragile, we need to be improved next job. Can advance to the next one pair very important to us. "

Chico's goal to make Stamford Bridge became a sea of ​​joy, Hiddink also evaluated the team's contribution will be small.Let a lot of players are able to rest very difficult, but we put a couple of youngsters in the second half, which is beneficial to them. Put their timing is difficult to grasp, because at this stage of their career, you can not In order to give them a result of too much responsibility. I show are very pleased for them. I know their names, but I'm not with them every day. Now we begin to learn more about them, you can see their potential, we could see that they should improve themselves in what."

After playing Chico scored a wonderful goal, he not only scored well in the completion of this process, in fact, he has done enough to prepare for this goal. If you send a control in midfield situation of defensive midfielder and two good running player, he can play the position. If you send two control type of midfield, he can also play high level. "

Hiddink also he mentioned the team's injury situation.

Matic injured in training yesterday of. It was an accident, a goalkeeper from 5,6 yards behind the ball thrown to him yesterday and this morning he had some dizziness, but this afternoon he was better, It makes me very happy. Oscar's toes some small problems, some minor inflammation to let him hurt, but we will come in two or three of the teenager in the second half.In addition, Chelsea's official push Azar said Hiddink has confirmed that the team can not play midweek against West Brom.

2016/1/11 14:29:30