Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal said the team midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is likely to miss the next league game with Newcastle.

31-year-old veteran with Sheffield United in the FA Cup game injured, he will likely miss the next league game against Newcastle. Van Gaal said: "It should be very difficult, I do not know, but I think his knee problems, everyone thinks is the ankle, knee, but I think the problem may be bigger we have to wait and see..."

Shinaidelin was not injured, but he is in the 'red zone', some overloaded. During Christmas, he's ready for all the games, we must be careful care of him. We do not take risks, we will arrange for young players on the bench. I trust these players, and Pereira also came back, he had had a good performance. in the team's injury situation and the player's overload, we must be careful, I think that in this respect the team to do pretty well.

2016/1/11 14:42:00