The case of fighting at home to Tottenham Hotspur after 9 wins and nine draws and 2 losses record 36 points ranked first four Premier League standings, the last round of league team earlier lost a ball in the final battle 1-1 Everton level. Leicester City had set off the road with 11 wins, seven draws and 2 losses record 40 points ranked No. 2 Premier League standings, the last round of league teams 0-0 to shake hands with the newly promoted Bournemouth. After the opening game both sides quickly into the state, the first eight minutes, the Spurs frontcourt offensive, Chadli left the restricted area kicker shot was saved by Schmeichel flying small, then the kicker the ball after adjustment Eriksson Leipzig succeeded, 1-0.7 minutes later, Wasilewski closed front scraping Rose tipped foul, the referee decisive to produce to him the game's first yellow card. The first 19 minutes, Leicester City a corner create a threat, before Wasilewski ball into the penalty area and shakes Leipzig, 1-1, the two sides back to the same starting line. The first 33 minutes, restricted the right of long-range kicker Terry Pierce hit a little high. After one minute of stoppage time the game into the intermission, the two teams drew 1-1 temporarily.

Easy side battles Houlaisite select the city took the lead at halftime to make personnel adjustments, substitute Shinji Okazaki debut Kant tried to strengthen the offensive. The first 48 minutes, Andy - Kim left the restricted area pass out, Okazaki Shinji into the restricted area to get rid of two defenders after Vorm struggling kicker shot was saved, and then again Shinji Okazaki blank range kicker, the ball hit the inside of the column fleeing the net, 1-2, Leicester ahead score. Shortly thereafter, Ulloa onrush of sending cross, long-range attempt Lauderdale frontier closed area after the ball, the ball touching the distal end of the column just wide. The first 64 minutes, Gray curling shot again touching the column wide. Shortly thereafter, Leicester City teenager are active replaced Gray, while Tottenham debut dispatch Kane and Ben Talai Bu trying to restore the tide. The first 73 minutes, the Spurs put Ali to make one last shot. The first 89 minutes, handball foul inside the penalty area Lauderdale, the referee decisive penalty kick, Kane surgeon kick the ball into the 2-2. The next time the score could not be rewritten again, after three minutes of stoppage time referee Lee - Mason whistle ending the game audience.

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