FIFA 12th Special Election Commission issued a statement declaring the Prince of Jordan Ali ibn al-Hussein and other five candidates after reviewing the new Chairman of the FIFA qualified candidates. For "off-limits order" is not over yet, UEFA president Michel Platini is not the list of five people. In addition to Prince Ali, the other four are former international relations Affairs Jerome Champagne hot FIFA, UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino Infante, AFC and South Africa Anti main Xisaerman Apartheid person Woodstock Keogh Sykes Valle.

Recently, according to Associated Press reports, the World Cup or military expansion from 32 to 40, 2022 to implement this program the fastest, but only if a candidate Infante Tarantino FIFA president has been elected. Of course, because where Valentino put such programs, but also for the success he hopes to add weight to the campaign.

As UEFA General Secretary, Infante Tarantino can campaign largely has been backed by Platini. Infante Tarantino and Platini idea is the same. 2016 European Cup, is the first military expansion from 16 to 24 of the European Cup, is orchestrated by Platini. Today, the Chairman will participate in the elections in February next year fifa conducted where Valentino is due to the World Cup began brewing military expansion. (Consolidation)

2015/11/16 3:14:30