Chelsea coaching change has been made after four rounds unbeaten league results, currently ranked fourteenth in the standings, but after the arrival of Hiddink has also released the FA Cup to reach the final of the rhetoric, it is Scunthorpe Blues forward first opponent on the road. The opening 13 minutes, the deadlock was broken, to score Chelsea, Ivanovic sent the right cross, restricted the right of left foot hit the door really Costa to score the door corner, the goalkeeper of this helpless The score became 1-0. The first 16 minutes, Fabregas takes the shot but the goalkeeper asked the beam. The first 21 minutes, Pedro suddenly to his right foot volley after missed the penalty area. The first 37 minutes, Ivanovic cross struck the right, Pedro Qiangdian hit the door was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 40 minutes, burst shooting William periphery over the bar.

Easy side battles, the first 54 minutes, Fanwei En immediate concern ball inside the penalty area, the ball Ramirez stabbed during tripped him, but the referee signaled no foul ball. The first 62 minutes, Scunthorpe players pushing Costa, then the two sides had an argument, but in the referee's persuasion shake hands. The first 64 minutes, Ramirez peripheral blasts partial bottom line. The first 69 minutes, William ball to Azpilicueta, who cross struck the ball low and flat, the restricted area outflank place Chico left foot shot burst succeed, The score became 2-0. The first 73 minutes, van Veen's free-kick hit the door hit the outside of the column pop-up the bottom line. The first 86 minutes, replaced goal hero Costa was Traore, the fans applause as he presented. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Chelsea 2-0 out of opponents to the next round.

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2016/1/11 14:54:55