The first tee is Inter Milan, both sides quickly into the rhythm, and soon put on all words. The first three minutes, Il Cady obtain single-handedly opportunity, but unfortunately shot just wide. After 1 minute, Inter Milan once again missed scoring opportunities, left offensive by blending into the restricted area, after he missed a shot to get rid of the lateral Ljajic. Then Changyouyoudou pass, Perisic barbed shot is not marked strength. After withstood three tricks, sassuolo become masters began to international Milanshijia pressure. The first 13 minutes, Sassuolo before the games kick Berardi goal, Handanovic made key saves. The first 18 minutes, Changyouyoudou right pass, unguarded Ljajic header top high. The first 20 minutes, Sassuolo fired back, left Lupeilusuo pass, Missi Raleigh Handanovic shot blocked. The first 33 minutes, Murillo defensive foul was a yellow card the referee. The first 42 minutes, after Ljajic and teammates with his right foot curling shot frontier closed area, the goalkeeper made brilliant saves hole Silly! Halftime, the two sides failed to score.

Easy side battles, both sides did not make substitutions to adjust. Obviously both sides are satisfied with a draw, the second half is still fast-paced on all words. The first 61 minutes, Ljajic restricted area near the line kicker shot, hole Sealy again saved the ball. The first 63 minutes, Inter took the lead substitutions, Palacio replaced Perisic. Subsequently, sassuolo get chance to counterattack, Falcinelli got the ball inside the area and his left foot shot was saved by Handanovic. The first 66 minutes Inter counterattack, Ljajic ball to the frontier closed area was tipped Cannavaro small, small Cannavaro a yellow card the referee. Subsequently, sassuolo adjustments to make substitutions, Devils Trail replaced Falcinelli. Devils replace Demirel get a chance to play immediately, but the game's outstanding Miranda first to the ball damage. The first 78 minutes, Il Cady ball across the face of the hole Sealy, Palacio's shot was back on defense back shovel out. Two minutes later, Sassuolo to make substitutions to adjust again, Flores replaced Sansone. Subsequently, Flores Qiangdian volley, Handanovic wrecker again! The first 81 minutes, back on defense when Magnanelli leave Il Cady booked. The first 84 minutes, Sassuolo made last substitution adjustments, Biangdini replaced A- Duncan. The first 85 minutes, Ljajic left with a strong right foot shot, the ball asked the beam hole Sealy. Before the end of the game, Vidic and melon forest are replaced Hole Shakespeare and Medel play. Moyes, Murillo Miranda roof fall fouls inside the penalty area, the referee ordered a penalty kick! Berardi overnight, the score was 0-1! Eventually, the referee blew the whistle ending the game audience, Inter Milan lost 0-1 Sassuolo.

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