The first tee is Juventus, the opening of the strategy on the use of high closing down, showing a very strong desire to win. 9 minutes, Juventus before the games kick volley shot Chiellini no play is part of. The first 15 minutes, close to Hernanes closed top kicker shot, Viviano denied the ball. Then, inside the penalty area hit the door turned Bo Geba, to fly after the ball bounced into the corner, the score was 0-1! Samp fought back after the ball, launched a fierce closing down, Juventus and its use continues to pass deal. The first 33 minutes, Juventus before the games kick the ball backwards Di Bala post, Viviano saved the ball. Then Sampdoria were hit, injured captain Soriano can not insist on being replaced David Ivan. Before the first 38 minutes, Fernando was Bonucci restricted lateral dribbling down to the ground, the referee produced a yellow card to Bonucci. The first 42 minutes, Samp attack, after passing through, Caponero long-range kicker missed. With the referee's whistle, the first half end of the game, the two sides into the intermission.

Easy side battles, Juventus broke again soon. After Khedira received Diba La pass, right foot outside the instep shot succeeded, the score was 0-2! With Houbogeba uprooting Ivan is cautioned by the referee. The first 57 minutes, Juventus counterattack, Boge Ba ball near the closed top kicker misses the target. Subsequently, Hernanes also played high-quality long-range kick, the ball slip out the door. The first 59 minutes, Cassano right pass, after Eder nodded the ball just wide of the post after the bombing. The first 63 minutes, Hernanes right pass, unguarded Morata header just wide. The first 63 minutes, Sampdoria pulled one back. Caponero right cross, Cassano Qiangdian ball into, to rewrite the score was 1-2! Juventus immediately make substitutions to adjust, Cuadrado replaces Lichtsteiner debut. The first 66 minutes, Cassani defensive foul eat a yellow card. The first 72 minutes, Barreto was Muriel replaced, Pete takes the plunge! Two minutes later, Chiellini Road cross, Boge Ba homeopathy plug in the small-angle volley shot he missed. Juventus again substitutions, Zaza replace Morata play. The first 86 minutes, Hernanes Cassano down, the referee yellow card. Juventus strengthen the defense, with Pardo replaced Di Bala. Subsequently, Khedira and Caponero are due to tactical foul booked. Injury time, when Zaza counterattack was Moi Sander uprooting, the referee red card penalty Moi Sander. Eventually, the referee blew the whistle ending the game audience, Sampdoria lost 1-2 to Juventus. Ho to take nine straight Juventus also rose to second place standings.

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