Manchester City are expected to harvest a third crown in five years, Manchester City ranked third after 20, from the top of the 3 points behind Arsenal. Sterling believes Manchester City that focused on themselves, rather than be concerned about the standings opponent.

Sterling said: "We just need to focus on their own to fight for the championship, do not worry about the other team's performance we should not let other things affect our thoughts, we must focus on their performance some time ago we played. a lot of the road, so Wednesday's a great feeling to be back home. "

Manchester City last week with Everton in the Carling Cup semi-final first leg conducted, and on Wednesday they will once again against Everton. Sterling said: "I've never run into so frequent the same team, this time again suffered too fast but I did not play last week, so I hope I can play Wednesday.."

2016/1/12 15:23:56