FIFA 2015 Golden Globe Awards will be held in Zurich, Switzerland. As one of the three candidates for the Golden Globes, Massey interviewed.

Do you have anything special to miss this year's moment?

Massey said with a smile: I am nothing special memories. "

World Cup and the Golden Globes which weigh more heavily?

If you can, I am willing to change a five Golden Globe World Cup, no doubt.

When asked whether jealousy C Ronaldo, Messi said: "I think C Ronaldo very strong, he who has to make the other players envy the advantages, but we have different personalities, I do not envy, it's a negative. word. I like him, I had my way, he also has his way. "

Speaking Neymar, Messi said: "Neymar is not anyone's successor, he will be able to become a great player.

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2016/1/12 15:33:43