FIFA 2015 Golden Globe Awards will be held in Zurich, Switzerland. As one of the three candidates for the Golden Globes, Cristiano interviewed.

Cristiano: "This is a special award as the achievements of the players we will struggle, in addition to the collective as well as personal, this is my 8th came here, I feel very special My motto is' plenty of talent. not trying to equal nothing '. I ask for is to join Manchester United at the beginning of the 28th jersey, but the coach let me wear the 7th. I was very surprised, because this is David Beckham's number. But then I accepted the challenge, and since After the 7th became my lucky number, I won all are wearing this number. "

Cristiano: "Messi's left foot too good, than I want to stick, I also want to have this left." It is worth mentioning that, after Cristiano finished sentence, Neymar said: "Messi left Cristiano foot and right foot, my two all want. "

When asked FIFA scandal, Cristiano said: "When these things happen, not just football, I hope no such thing in the world, this is the best.."

Recalling 2015, Cristiano said: "I am satisfied with last season, we did not win any awards, but it is a new year, so I'm happy.

2016/1/12 15:47:03