Pelicans coach Alvin - Gentry said in an interview, Anthony - Davis is still a child, struggling to show early in the season for him is not a big problem.

I think he is an outstanding young man, we seem to forget the fact that he was only 22 years old," Gentry said. "Davis is really still a young child, he wanted to become a good player, he wants to the success of the team, and he was a teammate of the supremacy of guy, very fond of his teammates. With age, he will become more and more strong. he is in practice every day low, he will be in this area also getting better. 

Last summer, Davis and pelicans signed a five-year $ 145 million contract extension. So far the season, he played 32 times for the pelicans, played just 35.5 minutes 22.8 points 10.8 rebounds and 2.53 blocked shots.

And his body matured, will be able to do more things," Gentry said, "For the coach, he is very people worry, because he used to train every day, and every trained very hard. teammates after training he will stay in the arena, he will be in the arena before training alone. So he is not just a gifted player, he is also a distinctive, if you ask our players and they will say. "

Gentry from the end of last season, the Warriors switched pelicans, currently New Orleans record only 11 wins and 25 losses, ranked second to last in the West.

Obviously, when things developed flow, will point the finger of blame superstar and coach the team," Gentry said, "He understands this truth, which is of significance to his team, but this season I think he played well, he was just a child, he needs to adapt to a new system, before he can never experienced such a thing. It is a new system, we want to have in the case of most of the players out injured and put them into this system to go.

So for him this is a adjustment, I kept asking him questions, to seek his advice. I asked him which position he wanted the ball, he felt himself to ask how well his response has been very positive, So if you want me to evaluate his performance this season, I'd say he played great, but from the team perspective, we struggled to get some outrageous. "

2016/1/12 16:23:02