Cavaliers star LeBron - James said in an interview, he talked about the rise of recent shooting, as well as fees for teammate Yulia - Mozgov some suggestions.

Local time on December 29 last year, NBA official website columnist John Schuhmann released a statistical data table, shot more than 200 times the league's players, James hit rate outside the paint in only 28.5% last in the league, and Penultimate is the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant - Bryant (30.1%).

In fact I saw the show goes on I was the worst pitcher in the league statistics on Instagram," James said, "I woke up after a nap to see this, I remember very clearly the day I was in Denver, and Denver in Before the game, so I responded. "

In that game with the Nuggets, James played 34 minutes in 13 of 24 shots, scored 34 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. After that game, James remote shooting 43%.

It does not give me cause trouble, this urged me to return to the training ground." James admitted.

Another Cavaliers mozgov performance this season has been very struggle, James said he would actively encourage Mozgov.

I do not know what his mental state, which is known only to himself. As a team leader, you need to give him as much positive energy and advice, to tell him how to do and he needs to do for our team What Similarly, when I was last season and you said Kevin (Love) things you can to help him as much as possible, but in the end he had to find their own solution, I think he (Mo Zi Gefu) on in this state. "

So far this season, James played just 35.6 minutes 25.8 points 7.4 rebounds and 6 assists while shooting 50.1 percent, the third hit rate of 28.8%.

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2016/1/12 16:32:57