According to ESPN reporter Marc Stein reported that with previous hints (report) Instead, all marked are Joe - Johnson is now no intention to seek a buyout of his contract.

Stein wrote on Twitter, so if Johnson insist on this, then he will always remain in this season will increase the possibility of the Nets, since he worth $ 25 million this season, a contract is difficult to be traded, even if as the expiration of the contract.

Nets management and coaching staff yesterday layer has undergone great changes, the former general manager Billy - King will no longer serve as general manager of the Nets, but the Nets are internally re-assigned a job, responsibilities of this position include Nets seek gold successor, the process of providing advice to Nets owner.

Although Kim was re-assigned to the Nets inside job, but Lionel - Hollins is a direct leave, Nets assistant Tony - Brown will become the Nets interim coach this season.

Johnson contract worth $ 24.89 million this season, his contract will expire in the summer, so far this season, he averaged 34.8 minutes played, you can contribute 11.1 points and 4 rebounds 3.7 assists.

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2016/1/12 16:34:10