According to Sky Sports reported that the Barcelona striker Suarez's ban appeal was rejected the Spanish Football Federation.

Due to a conflict with the Spanish players after the game occurred in the tunnel, the King's Cup Suarez was sentenced to suspended two penalties. When the referee in the match report, after the game the players channel wait Uruguayan Spanish players, for them yelled, and insulting words.

Suarez's behavior caused a confusion, followed by stadium security had to intervene in the dispute two players. Game, Espanyol have two players sent off, while their goalkeeper deliberately trampled Barcelona star Lionel Messi, but he was lucky to escape punishment.

After getting suspended notification, Suarez appealed to the Spanish Football Federation, but the Appeal Board dismissed the striker's appeal. They stressed that Suarez's behavior was "premeditated" and that "several times repeated provocative and aggressive discourse."

Appeals Board said: "alone can not make the player himself denied the referee's game report is invalid." They also said that there is no evidence that Spanish players are provocative Suarez earlier. "If the analysis was the wording, there is no evidence that Spanish players have enough to cause any act of provocation.

2016/1/13 10:04:54