It is reported that Waterford has 10 million pounds buy Tottenham winger Townsend, but was rejected each other.

Waterford coach Flores represents exactly the kind of player the team needed to Thomson. In addition, they are also about contact with former Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor in together, which is currently a free agent.

Flores said: "He who has the characteristics we're looking for, we have the players array wisdom can play football, but we need to increase the number of technical and speed of the players I want to talk about names, but we need to find players with these characteristics. . "

Flores said he would not reveal which players he wants to introduce, but he admitted that he is difficult to convince the team Adebayor came off the bench as the Dini and Ighalo.

He said: "I know why there are so many English clubs want to introduce Adebayor he was 31 years old, he still has the ability and experience, he can score so I think he can choose their desired effect. club. "

To come here will be difficult to replace Dini or Ighalo their outstanding performance in every game, they are one of the soul of the team, so in order to challenge them will be very difficult."

We need to come to the team players to explain their situation, I do not want anyone to have come to the idea of ​​kicking the ball easily. We use two strikers, they are the main untouchable even in the game, we rarely replaced them.

2016/1/13 10:07:24