Bayern and Juventus will meet in the Champions League knockout, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in an interview time and talked about the game.

Rummenigge said: "The game will be very difficult, we have been watching them now at Juve on the right track, and we have great respect for them, but we will not be afraid to Juventus for both teams. He says, a draw is a good result, but there will be a team out so early, it is very regrettable. "

They are now back in the standings in the forefront, in fact, I prefer to face Juventus a few months ago, and now when they are completely different."

They introduced the Di Bala and Man Zhu Keech, which is two pen great acquisition."

In addition Rummenigge also spoke about the Serie A this season, "Inter still have a chance to win the league, Napoli, Juventus and Inter Milan both will attack the league title. Inter played well, but lost to Sassuolo Unfortunately, however, these are the things that might happen on the football field.

2016/1/13 10:08:54