Liverpool officially apply for the "The Normal One" registered as a trademark. This is the assessment of their own when Klopp took office, he said on Liverpool's first press conference itself as "The Normal One".

Mourinho has called on Chelsea's first conference itself as "The Special One", Klopp said:. "I am ordinary people from Germany, I will not and I will not compare the genius Evaluation own, some people think I can work miracles? Let me concentrate on my work, and I was a regular. "

Liverpool will launch a series of printed with "The Normal One" souvenirs, Liverpool at home also has a 25 feet long banner tribute Klopp.

Klopp also reminded of the upcoming Premiership Guardiola: "Guardiola experienced, he would buy some new players to build a good team, there may be 35 players enrich his experience, I would not tell. He did. When I first came to the lineup is not bad, but then that is the constant injuries after the winter break they are back, Bundesliga and Premier League games played is clearly different, came to England, I did not know in the League Cup semi-final is two round contest.

2016/1/13 10:11:58