Manchester United under coach Louis van Gaal recent performance is not ideal, the Red Devils legend Paul Scholes believes Manchester United now play a negative attitude bored, Owen for England football legend Paul Scholes statement agrees, calling the Red Devils regained consciousness quickly.

Manchester United under coach Louis van Gaal situation has become worse, not at all improved. People are surprised by the poor performance of Manchester United, to watch the game on TV sometimes hide some problems, Sheffield United's game against Manchester United was normal But if people go to Old Trafford to watch the game, they can not be mobilized emotions as before the game. For a club like Manchester United, this is a serious problem. "

Manchester United players are limited in many ways, almost dead. Team of two full-backs hardly forward runs, two midfielders stick to the middle can not provide much help for the attack, in addition to two central defender and a goalkeeper. seven players ready to participate in defense, and requires four players involved in the attack against the other 11 people, which is almost impossible in fact that four players to fight against the other side of the whole team, to attack anyone who wants to create a space or scoring chances are very difficult. "

Last season Manchester United finally got the fourth Premier League, they are really very lucky. League Cup they lost 4-0 League One Milton right, Arsenal's FA Cup they were eliminated, all of which are in Under the premise does not need to participate in the war in Europe, in addition to Manchester United also spent £ 250 million signings. "

Everyone is to return to the Champions League and to celebrate, we are talking about Manchester United is that branch out from both the Cup, the team managed to get fourth place, which is really very sad, and this season, the Red Devils will change get worse. They were eliminated Middlesbrough, in a relatively easy group in the Champions League was eliminated in the League Cup, struggling in the Premier League, managed to beat the British team in the FA Cup A team, the situation did not appear any better. "

Manchester United players could feel every minute is suffering, no one can derive pleasure. To watch the match, Manchester United players and even Van Gaal himself, this situation is very difficult to see their games really very boring . "

When David Moyes to leave Manchester United, it is not clear who can take his place, and now there are some really good coach candidates called Mourinho unemployment, after the end of the season Guardiola also unemployed, of course, Manchester United You can also let Giggs host, this is likely to make the choice of Manchester United. 

2016/1/13 10:14:09