After the 3-3 league draw with Newcastle, Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal criticized under the command of the disciples did not grasp the opportunity to win.

Manchester United at St James' Park was achieved two goals ahead, but eventually shake hands with Newcastle 3-3. Van Gaal is obviously very unhappy with the result, he said: "We are very disappointed, but we must blame ourselves, because we could have early to seal the victory, Lin Jiade and Fellaini have gained great opportunity, but we are not sure live these words my own players talked. "

Reflects the goal Dummett is Newcastle's luck, but you have to chase lucky, then you get the chance to create out, especially in the face when the perfect opportunity."

For Newcastle get a penalty, Van Gaal added: "You can say that the referee's penalty fine should perhaps draw a big question mark, but we could soon end the fighting we scored 3 goals, got 1 point. that's it. I've been told a news conference, your goals must be more than the opponent one, today we did not do. "

We had a good defense, but lost three goals, now is not the defense? No, we're just unlucky in the penalty aspects of the referee, but also encountered a mind refraction, and we did not get the chance."

Mitt Lovech and Smolin launched a heavyweight wrestling, you can clearly see him (Mitt Pavlovic) pushed Smolin's head. Then is the heavyweight championship, and ultimately who was heavyweight champion, but in the eyes of the referee only Smolin, which I can not understand. 

2016/1/13 10:21:20