The first nine minutes, Manchester United the right corner into the box, Mbemba and Fellaini in Zhengding accidentally referee handball foul was sentenced to death, a penalty by the Rooney surgeon hit, 0-1! The first 27 minutes, Lingard sent Zhise, Rooney reached the restricted area ahead of the goalkeeper kicker hit the door closure plan out the door. 28 minutes later, a shot into the restricted area after Wijnaldum was denied Degea feet. The first 38 minutes, Manchester United backcourt steals, Herrera exquisite Zhise find Rooney, Rooney pass in the box to plug Lingard, Lingard small-angle broke, 0-2! The first 42 minutes, Coloccini long reached the restricted area, Mitt Pavlovic and Fellaini simultaneously grab points, the ball landed in front of Wijnaldum, Venal Durham homeopathic Dianshe broke, 1-2! The first half ended, temporarily Manchester United 1 goal lead.

Easy side battles. The first 52 minutes, Coloccini sent Zhise, Moussa - Sissoko buckle over two defenders after the kicker is Degea blocked. The first 56 minutes, Marshall right ball into the box after a cross knock, Herrera Road ball to the last point along the unmarked Lingard, but Lingard hit the door put anti-aircraft guns. The first 67 minutes, Newcastle corner, restricted Neisimolin Qiangdian process in action will be a wrestle Mitt Pavlovic down, the referee ordered a penalty kick. Mitt Pavlovic personally kick broke, 2-2! The first 79 minutes, Manchester United lead again! Memphis, after cutting inside defender hit the door was blocked, Rooney kicked up waves into the sky goal corners of the world, 2-3! The first 84 minutes, Memphis left from the ball, Feilai Ni header was Elliot resolved. The first 90 minutes, Newcastle right from the ball, the ball point to Mitt Pavlovic outside the area, Du Meite volley hit the door, hit the ball Smolin had a refraction, Degea can only watch the ball disappointed, 3 -3! Ultimate goal of this war came to an end, the two sides battle 3-3 depicting a minute.

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