According to "Philadelphia Inquirer" reported correspondent Keith Pompey, an NBA team manager, said the long term, 76 Djalil - Okafor and Nalun Si - Noel one may have to leave 76 people.

Everything will depend on Joel -Embiid, it is a big problem." The general manager said. Because of foot surgery, Embiid after entering the league has not played an official game.

If Embiid can play, then I think they would have traded Okafor, because Embiid and Okafor can not play together," said the general manager, said, "If Embiid unable to play, then they have to decide whether to leave both Noel and Okafor. But such combinations have not been successful. "

The general manager went on to say: "Or they can trade out of one of them, see if they can get some strength (good players) in another position, because basically, they now have three centers."

Okafor III last year show, so far this season, he averaged 30.7 minutes played, 17.3 points and 7.5 rebounds and can contribute 1.2 blocks, Noel played this season, averaging 29.2 minutes, 10.6 points, 8.2 rebounds and can contribute 1.3 blocks.I think Noel is an even more players to help the team win, because in many ways he affects the game, and Emeka Okafor can only affect one aspect of the game: score," the general manager said.Recently 76 people were also adjusted the starting lineup when they match against a small lineup, Noel will be the team's starting center, Jeremy - Grant will be the team's starting power forward, Oka Fu is played off the bench.

I think Okafor can not be there to chase up like Rudy - Rudy Gay and Kevin - Carrefour such a player," 76ers coach Brett - Brown asked why he would choose to allow more time to play power forward Noel He said, "I think he (Okafor) do, Noel better at this point."

The general manager believes Okafor and Embiid can not play together, he said:. "They are the center, they are only defensive center, they can not defend power forwards or space type Fours in the league."

In addition, the general manager Noel and Embiid believe can play together, because Embiid floor space can be opened, he said: "He (Embiid) can shoot from behind the arc, but when Noel and Austria Cafu playing together, they can not be more than 4.5 meters away from the basket, which makes them very difficult on the offensive end, but Okafor is a liability on the defensive end (defense is not good).

2016/1/13 13:40:35