According to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe reports, if Demar - DeRozan decision out of contract in the summer, then more teams, including the Lakers are ready to DeRozan out maximum salary contract.

According to previous "New York Post" reported, sources said, DeRozan will be out of contract in the summer. According to the possibility before, "Toronto Sun" reporter Ryan Wolstat author reported that since the cap space this summer, the team will determine the sharp rise of news, DeRozan is not out of the contract is 0, and the reason is that no normal person would refuse a salary may double opportunity.

And Wolstat wrote in the article, the Lakers are interested in a long time DeRozan, a player like DeRozan, the highest salary in the first year of his new contract could reach $ 25.3 million, if DeRozan is not out of the contract, then he next season's contract value of $ 9.5 million, but even DeRozan out of the contract, then it does not mean that he would leave the Raptors, Wolstat wrote in the article.

Lowe wrote in the article, many teams, including DeRozan hometown team the Lakers are ready to open a salary DeRozan reach $ 25 million maximum salary contract, but the Raptors also clear that in order to leave Germany Rozan, they must spend a lot of money.So far this season, DeRozan averaged 36.6 minutes played, 22.9 points and 4.4 rebounds, can contribute 4.1 assists.

2016/1/13 13:42:32