Chelsea in the round of league draw with West Bromwich Albion 2-2, the Blues coach Guus Hiddink after the game very much regret his disciples not to keep the lead until the end.

Mike Fiore in the game's 74th minute own goal to make Chelsea when seen two straight league hopes, but West Brom but before the end of the game tenacious tied the score, so the Blues three points into a hand 1 point. After the match Hiddink said: "I can not blame the player's attitude or dedication in these areas, the players appeared very normal, but we must do a better end game, that point is not that we can do.."

The game Chelsea striker Diego - Costa repeatedly arguing with opponents occurred, especially in his last moments of their fall in the restricted area a penalty but did not get angry. For the striker's performance, Hiddink added: "I have to see a judge can give a fair but he is a very easily excited players, I really like it as long as he is within the control range, and his presence. is also true, then there is no problem. defender to challenge him, he will challenge the defender, it's not a big problem. "

Although the game did not win, but the Blues coach still see the game highlights. He said: "We are in the last two games enabled more young players, I am glad to see in this case, we can give young players a chance it will not be easy, but they are the team on the court. go all out, but was disappointed we did not win.

2016/1/14 13:46:20