Liverpool's 3-3 draw with Arsenal in the round of the league, after the game the Red Army under the command of coach Klopp praised the performance of his disciples.

The game, Liverpool took the lead twice, but it was Arsenal tied twice. While the second half Giroux's goal to help the Gunners ahead score, however, perseverance and the Red Army in the game the first 90 minutes tenacious tied the score, the final two teams 3-3 draw.

After the match, Klopp said: "It was a great football game, just as original as it should be for this game, I believe people will be talked about, maybe not for long, because on Sunday we will. usher in the contest with Manchester United, but the game will not be so easy to forget. "

The beginning of the game really played well, of course, not perfect, but not very far away from perfect, because we know how Arsenal will play. We perform better when the game started, and kicked out of the great soccer . 

We have made the first goal, extract the chance Emre - Zhan first shot in the penalty area with his foot, the ball Cech is not easy to see, because the penalty area Phil Mino foot too much to start. fast enough, especially well prepared in terms of ideology, and ultimately made a goal. We must do better on the defensive positioning of the ball, that it is always very easy, but we have to do this hard work, we will working on it. Of course, we will analyze these questions, then you must do a better job.

We made a very wonderful second goal, Arsenal had tied the score and did not let us be too shocked, we have made a perfect second goal, still go all out in the race. But then some of us lose control, especially It is on the second conceded, because Giroux still grab points after an interception, while our players is somewhat stagnant, but the game did not stop, they take advantage of this situation into yet another easy goal. "

We lost control, the situation is very difficult, we would easily lose the ball. Arsenal is very good at counter-attack, everyone knows this, so we have to defend in the second half we pick ourselves up, the situation is more than just the first half, beginning to be more open, but we returned to the game. Giroux goal is very exciting, but we should defend their lives better before, this is not so hard to stop. In such a situation, we must be more focused. "

Then you need a little luck, and we have good luck. We replaced the players, this Turk sent a perfect ball, his shot perfectly header assists, a record perfect shot. I believe in such a good game we deserved a draw. "

After the match, Brazil scored two goals for Liverpool star Phil Mino got Klopp praised, Reds boss said: "I can talk about his performance on the half hour, but I think this is normal, because I know he has how good. If you are good, then you must show it tonight Phil Mino done. "

It's very important to us, because in 95 minutes time, he played a lot of different positions, but also in a variety of different positions have performed great. He made a perfect two goals, the first grain is very beautiful, The second particle is also very exciting, no matter how well ...... you say all right! It really is a great game, but he's not the only outstanding player. "

If it comes to a particularly good performance tonight, Kolo - Toure ...... I must pay tribute to him, because it's not easy, but he did very well, just like the other players, you have seen that I can. talk about the loss of focus, that's true, you see, but lost focus in the back there are many different stories. "

Milner in a week and a half ago, troubled by a calf injury, and now he returned to training, but not yet to find his rhythm, Henderson apparently not in the rhythm. Perfect moment, the perfect moment, then slipped some in the match - that in this case is quite normal and Arsenal battle will not be easy, the players do their best ...... really go all out in a very long period of time is always very, very good to me. really satisfied. "

But in the end, if you want to win the next game - we want to win Arsenal - you can not lose focus like we did tonight, that's it, we will continue to advance this is a great game, a. It draws can be fun to watch, but tonight is the case. Now we need a good recovery, then stage a comeback, even in the game with Manchester United behave better. "

The final moments, Klopp sent on loan to England defender just Caulker, so he served as the court center. This German said: "I think it is a good idea, but after we scored, he is still trying to stay up front, we have to play a forward role loudly shouting to change our tactics he won.! three to four times a header, these header very important to us, so this was a great change for him, it was a great first show.

2016/1/14 13:49:10