The game is undoubtedly worse for Liverpool, Arsenal face a good momentum recently, all four defender injury in the body, while the core Kudiniao face Stoke City in League Cup has strained a thigh Liverpool difficult to get out. Two days ago Liverpool on loan FireWire Caulker expected round play. Arsenal equally their injury, Sanchez though close comeback but still can not catch up with the game. Start of the race. Both teams at Anfield into the state faster, into a fight in the midfield. The first nine minutes, Emre - Zhan's shot was Cech denied, but after just plug Phil Mino ball point, ripped a low shot Koscielny wicket and guarded by Cech door, 1-0! Liverpool lead. The first 13 minutes, Campbell turned to remove the high ball straight plug, plug after Ramsey foot shot to give back, 1-1! The two sides back to the same starting line. Giroux and Nicolas competition when high balls were injured, but fortunately did not cause illness. Before the first 19 minutes, Milner had the ball cross the area, Phil Mino direct Bajiaonushe curveball again ripped through the door of the Arsenal, Cech fighting less than 2-1! Liverpool once again exceeded the score. The first 25 minutes, Arsenal won the corner kick, Giroux light rub headed the ball into the 2-2! Giroux scored to give back. The first 29 minutes, Campbell cross-body shot but was saved by Cech. The first 33 minutes, Campbell's shot was blocked defender. The first 43 minutes, Monreal seconds pass Walcott, whose shot was blocked defender. The first 46 minutes, Emre - Zhan's long-range cross body saved by Cech. Then the end of the first half, the two teams battle to 2-2 into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 48 minutes, Milner buckle Defensive Player of the ball moved to the left, a slight adjustment Moreno direct hit high volley. The first 53 minutes, Ozil free kick, Giroux win the first ball from the center but directly fly nod off. The first 55 minutes, then Campbell Giroux pass, the ball turned and shot the penalty area to break the goal, 2-3! Arsenal go-ahead score. The first 60 minutes, Abby restricted the right shot but was defensive player of the block bottom line. The first 66 minutes, Milner replaced this Turk bench. The first 68 minutes, Moreno outside the area long-range hit the defensive player who changed the line to fly the bottom line. The first 74 minutes, this Turk's shot saved by Cech cross body, Moreno's tip over the bar. The first 75 minutes, Arsenal made two substitutions adjustment, replaced Chamberlain substitute Campbell, Gibbs replaced Walcott bench. The first 82 minutes, Liverpool adjustments to make substitutions, Joe - Allen off the bench, replaced Emre - Zhan. The first 86 minutes, Arteta bench replaced Ozil. The first 87 minutes, Liverpool replaced Lallana Caulker bench. The first 90 minutes, a long pass found this Turk Henderson, who headed it, plug Joe - Allen kicked the ball into the fire, 3-3! Liverpool will be back before the whistle the two sides of the same starting line. Final 3-3 draw with Arsenal at home to Liverpool.

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