In the week before the two teams in the Toffees 1-2 home loss to rival, or overwhelmed face Everton debut at home after the New Year, Manchester City did not want to give opponents a chance. Manchester City striker Aguero has come back after a comeback, the last three games sent two balls 2 help of excellent play, but Lukaku this season the same hot, with outstanding performance in the league 15 goals and tied for top scorer Valdivia . The game duel between two strikers also attracted a lot of eyeballs. Start of the race. The two teams in the field have become full of patience, interspersed with running back and forth to look for opportunities to pass. The first seven minutes, Barkley kicked Hart soft and weak shot was easily in the bag. The first eight minutes, Manchester City the right fit, Toure straight Stirling seconds pass De Bruyne but the latter goal deviate post. The first 11 minutes, Manchester City before the games but De Bruyne's free kick hit the door directly flying course. The first 17 minutes, Sarnia the right precise pass found unmarked Toure, the latter leaping header was flying Howard reacted promptly denied. Since then the two teams offensive slowed down, continue to look for opportunities. The first 29 minutes, Manchester City won the corner kick, Otamendi Qiangdian cross-body shot but was saved by Howard. The first 31 minutes, after Loukakou turn around the ball pass, but Osman volley fly wiping goal post. Aguero then suddenly launched an attack after the Everton defense, frequently used tear break defense. The first 39 minutes, Sterling got the ball, but was disallowed for offside. The first 42 minutes, Fernando Aguero kick Zhise but offside. Then the end of the first half, Manchester City and Everton battle to 0-0 draw temporarily.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 52 minutes, Manchester City won the corner kick, Navas periphery of long-range slightly off the post. The first 54 minutes, Stirling close shot hit the defensive player who regret missed opportunities. The first 61 minutes, Aguero restricted area before the kick but the angle is too Dianshe saved by Howard. The first 65 minutes, Stirling break right small-angle hit the door was saved by Howard fell to the ground. The first 70 minutes, to make substitutions, Pienaar bench replaced Deulofeu, Pienaar replaced within the department. The first 74 minutes, Silva replaced De Bruyne. The first 76 minutes, Krishna back pass Road, Navas header but unfortunately over the bar. The first 80 minutes, Silva short pass Aguero, who buckle Defensive Player of the small-angle lob unfortunately deviate goal. The first 89 minutes, 45 degrees find Loukakou latter header over the bar. The first 92 minutes, Aguero and Stirling edge of the area has fall but the referee refused a penalty. In the end, Manchester City 0-0 Everton Hanping two sides shake hands at Al Ittihad.

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