Real Madrid midfielder Modric said his teammates Bell future could become the world's best players. He believes that Bell will no doubt stand on the Golden Globes podium.

I told him if you can continue to maintain this rising state, then there will be no reason to prevent access to the world's best team, and won the Golden Globe in his possession all possible, he is a good player, there is ability to play technology, all the elements. I hope he can get it honors. "

When you look at this year's world best team, seems to have some changes. Now most of the world's best player in the league to play, although the Premier League, there are many great players, but the Spanish team's number or more some of which may be related to the reality of factors, such as different weather charm, the game, of course, probably because the two clubs. "

Real Madrid and Barcelona, they are the best club in the world, this is a very important influence on the distribution of the outstanding players in.

2016/1/14 13:59:19