Blazers sits at home to usher in the Northwest Division with the Jazz, Blazers from the scene after the second quarter has been dominated by the initiative and in the fourth quarter was 20 points ahead. Eventually, the home game of the Trail Blazers to a 99-85 victory over the Jazz won the victory.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 21 points and 10 assists and seven rebounds, CJ- McCollum 15 points and eight assists, Al - Farooq - Ami Nu 10 points, seven rebounds and four blocked shots . Substitute aspects, Allen - Crabbe 11 points 3 rebounds, Meyers - Leonard 12 points and four rebounds.

Sir data: Gordon - Hayward 19 points and nine assists and six rebounds, Rodney - Hood 19 points and three rebounds, Trey - Liles 16 points and two rebounds. Substitute side, Trevor - Burke 15 points 3 rebounds.

Blazers home game feel very bad start, in addition to Lillard scored a record third, the Blazers in 5 minutes and 25 seconds in the 10 shots all blacksmith. Fortunately, good jazz here feel the same, except Liles layup and Hood third, the Jazz is also frequently blacksmith. Under the first to break the deadlock deadlocked Blazers, McCollum and Aminu hit consecutive shots, the Blazers shot a wave of 11-5 offensive quickly go-ahead score. Sir continuous counterattack last paragraph labeled slightly upper hand, the first section of Harding Park, the Jazz lead to 19-18 get 1 point.

Second section of the two sides began the bench rotation, pioneer here Leonard outside hit the third, the Jazz answered with a side of Booker then 2 + 1. Blazers suspend returning once again in inexplicable mistakes, they up to 5 minutes and 15 seconds in unable to obtain warfare goals. Jazz here as being infected in general, in addition to Burke and Liles scored, the other hand they have to strike while the iron end. Since then the two sides played each wave of the offensive, said Sir fouls rely Hayward scored seven consecutive points in the performance to catch up the score, but the Blazers here Henderson corner hit the third space, the Blazers scored five points and contest to 43-37 at halftime.

Easy side battles, Sir maintained excellent condition, Hood even contributed 4 points with a fine cast, Neto also hit the third corner, but the defensive end they can not stop opponents from scoring, Lillard debut first shot is a record third, followed by McCollum then again in the third ball, the momentum completely played a pioneer also dedicate two brilliant mind dunks, the Blazers with an offensive will be widened to double digits. Pause return, the Jazz even had a good feeling also lost, contrary Blazers continue fiery third hand, Leonard outside third again, the Blazers sent a wave of 8-2 offensive continue to widen lead. The last time the Jazz finally found the feeling, Hayward layup basket, hit the third Liles scored five points, the Jazz slightly narrow the score to stabilize the situation. But when the game draws to a close, Crabbe's third to help the Trail Blazers to 77-62 end of the third quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, Sir start to rely on Sulawesi goal and Liles third catch the score, but the Blazers always a lesson here, McCollum and Crabbe successive hit two difficult shots Blazers scored the first eight points before pausing widening lead. Sir comprehensive offensive and defensive pause after returning fall, although the Blazers poor offense, but rely on fast under Crabbe dunk plus free throw, the Blazers extended the score to 20 points to seal the victory. Since then the two sides declared their lineup and put the game into garbage time. Eventually, the home game of the Trail Blazers to a 99-85 win over the Jazz won two straight.

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