7-game winning streak has been the Warriors travel to Denver Pepsi Center Denver Challenge, a game because of an ankle injury sidelined Green Warriors Nuggets also pressed the whole game, although the game at the end of Curry began a frenzied performances, was to chase the score only the difference between two points, but the frustration is not the last attack in the final thrilling Nuggets beat the opponent, the Warriors also ushered in a third defeat of the season, while the 7-game winning streak end.

Warriors data: - Stephen Curry 38 points and nine assists, Klein - Thompson 17 points and 3 assists, Andrew - Andrew Bogut 15 points and seven rebounds off the bench aspects Harris - Barnes 18 points, 3 rebounds,

Nuggets data: Danilo - Gallinari 28 points and five rebounds, Gary - Harris 19 points and 7 rebounds, Jameel - Nelson 3 points and nine assists, Nicholas - Jokic 6 points and 7 rebounds, and reserve aspect Weir - Barton 21 points and six rebounds, Darrell - Arthur 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Harris breakthrough succeeded, hit the basket Jokic, Gallinari rely on free throws to get the two points, the Nuggets poor opening rainbow fact, the Warriors offensive touch, the first three minutes to rely on free throws to get 1 point only Bogut, in Clay field goal, Curry thrown into the third, the Warriors offensive gradually recover feeling, Nuggets here are not much better, at Gallinari and Noor Keech continued to play to get points, the two sides tied 15 level. Harris reentry third, Noor Keech and Farid in the paint and chopped 6 points, Gallinari free throws, the Nuggets shot a wave of 10-0 to pull the score again. Injury pay Barbosa dropped 3 points to help the Warriors to break the deadlock, Barnes and Curry also have to play, the Warriors slowly catching the score, but the Nuggets bench up here Barton Arthur and steady play, the Nuggets or to the 32-25 lead seven minutes the first section.

Section between the back rest, and then in Barton, Andre Iguodala sent to two points, Foye jumper, Barnes scored the basket, the two teams exchange that. But then the Nuggets shooting suddenly lost sight, the Warriors took the 6-0 shot to score gradually catching up, Barton scored four points to help the Nuggets to stabilize the situation in the field, Barnes outside soared in two consecutive 3 points, Curry again dropped 3 points, the Warriors will rely on rain-third go-ahead score. Arthur basket hit singles, Gallinari pine Kam vote, leading the Nuggets to score again, Klein dropped into the last ball of the first half, the second section of Harding Park, the Warriors catching the score 54-55 only 1 minute.

Easy side battles, pick Andrew Bogut assists Curry basket succeeded, the outstanding performance of the first half, Gallinari continued steady play, Nickerson outside dropped 3 points, Rush breakthrough hit, the two teams began a long tug of war, both sides They agreed to keep alternating the lead until the labeled 68 level. Thereafter despite drastic changes, the Warriors lost sight shooting, the Nuggets play the full break-thirds have all, give each other a wave of attacks 10-0. Curry assists Yize Li basket succeeded, the Warriors finally stop the bleeding, but the Nuggets here Gallinari break caused by anti-personnel continue to rely on free throws to score steadily, after three, Gallinari has got 23 points, including 15 of 14 free throws, Nuggets to 83-73 lead into the final 10 minutes a game.

Distal start of the race, Andre Iguodala in the cast succeeded, Barbosa scored 4 points, the Warriors will be worse imminent, but then the same Nuggets scored six points, the points difference is still a difference of 10 points, the Warriors were forced to call for pause. Clay vote succeeded, the Warriors finally score, Arthur immediately labeled as 2 + 1 lesson, Bogut restricted area score, Arthur again cut points, the Nuggets always suppress the Warriors 10 minutes, Curry scored five points, Warriors see comeback hopes, Harris admitted to two minutes to stabilize the situation in the field, Curry made free throw from behind the arc and then get three points, the Warriors will be worse're just catching up to 5 points. Gallinari hair and even sudden scored four points, Barton breakthrough succeeded, Curry then cut 4 points, the Warriors still seven points behind, but time is only 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Since then the two sides are still at the same time to play until the final minute, climax, Barnes first breakthrough hit, Curry dropped Zhuiming 3 points, the Warriors only 2 points. Suspension back, Curry mistakes, Harris free throws, the Nuggets lead four minutes, Clay at a time when there is 3.1 seconds into the chase three points, points difference is only 1 minute, Gallinari critical moment two free throws, the Warriors There are opportunities for the last attack, the time left 2.8 seconds, but the frustration is not the last attack shooting Thompson in the final at home to scare the Nuggets beat the Warriors, gave opponents a third defeat of the season.

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